Our Wholesale Supreme Corn Husk is packed in a net and came in 120 pcs each, size is large and perfectly made it to Factories or packing Industries.

Super Select Premium

Super Selecta 

We Proudly sell our 4 brands with the best quality and price available in the market, we use high quality standards on any of our products.


The Finest Supreme Corn Husk in the World!!!

Our Brands Corn Husks

Nuestras Marcas

Wholesale super Select Premium corn husk is our top quality product, this is a double cleaning process and selected, it is 100% same jumbo size for a no waste tamale production.


Wholesale Corn Husk for Tamale

We offer the same Quality Wholesale Corn Husk on a NO BRAND presentation for costumers that want to add their own brand or Logo.


No Brand Corn Husk

Hoja para tamal UPC

Supreme Corn Husk

Hoja Supreme